Black Path Community Press


In partnership with Foundation Press  


The sessions are led by Adam and Debbie from Foundation Press.

The workshop is on the third Saturday of each month from 2pm to 4pm.

We hope to see you all here engage in this exciting collaborative project.

Admission is free.

What you produce you can take home.


Saturday Family Art trolly.

Ongoing events on every Saturday 10:00 to 2:00pm

” Just be a child for a few hours”

Our family art trolley is all year round, based in our lovely community garden as well as in the gallery featuring many activities.
There is a family area and plenty of free activities and resources to pick up and bring lunch to eat in our garden, refreshments will be provided during sessions.
T are interactive workshops that encourage your children to be creative and experimental.

Our Club always welcomes new members, so come along if you fancy a bit of a laugh, some nibbles, a bit of hard work and a huge sense of achievement. Just email or come alongside with your kids on Saturday between 10:00am to 2:00pm.


Music live broadcast

From Saabat Gallery by Kavana Klup on every wednesday and Saturday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Visit and meet the Saabat’s studio holders artists

This is held every Thursday for conversation and the exchanging the idea and build your artistic networks from 3pm to 5pm

Big Breakfast

SAABAT invite you to join to the breakfast table on every Wednesday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am.

The creativity table aims to promote health, improve lives and break social isolation for those local people who have been suffered from alcohol / drug addiction.

Feel free to come it really is such a brilliant way to break social isolation and meet new friends and get alternative challenge.

* Our very big thanks to artist David Mcarthur for his generous donation fund to promoting this table.


* Our very big thanks to volunteer Peter Robinson.

If you want to support this local creativity table, please contact us.

The service will be free of charge.

The social distancing rule will be in place to protect everyone.

Saabat’s Community Learning Garden

Every Saturday from 10am to 2pm

Come and join to saabat community garden. We organise a variety of events for children and families as well as adults.

We work with experts, students and artists who are passionate about the environment. Come along to learn about food, ecology, horticulture and to share skills

Learning is at the centre of what we do at the Garden gallery.

Our large garden as learning space allows us to offer a wider choice of sessions for schools and community. Our main focus for is plant based learning, also teaching kitchen where we incorporate learning about food into our programme, making links with the garden, gardening, the gallery collection.

Our Learning programme aims to be inclusive with hands-on practical activities for schools, families and the community.

Celebrating Age

Every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm

Celebrating age is part of our programme of creative engagement with the over 60s. Through it we cultivate new ways of thinking about ageing and work with a range of partners to make Redcar a supportive and positive place to grow older.

The project consists of a series of artful activities with Redcar’s older residents and their carers that tackles isolation and social exclusion. In active sessions we use making, story-telling, music and conversation to share and learn skills as well as to support a sense of belonging.

The project includes a new peer-led volunteering programme and provides a package of training for volunteers, arts professionals, and staff in partner organisations. Through it, we provide individuals and businesses with Dementia Friends training.

Celebrating Age takes the ethos and approach of our ongoing dementia friendly programme outside of the gallery. By using existing community spaces around the town, we ensure that people are working in environments that they feel are familiar and comfortable. We aim to activate these community spaces, and the resources around them, so that social and creative practices become a sustainable part of people’s lives.


83 Normanby Road 
South Bank
Redcar & Cleveland
North Yorkshire
+44 7507352003

Open Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed
Holidays: Closed