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‘Everywhere Is East’

25th April 2021

At a period in time when we are globally connected through a worldwide pandemic, we are also divided by political strategies, poverty and a truly connected approach to tackling the crisis. What challenges lie ahead for the future of the global community and conflict? Saabat Gallery explores humanities relationship with conflict through the exhibition ‘Everywhere Is East’ a series of paintings and photo collages by the Kurdish artist Ahmad Nabaz. Narrowing the focus of personal experience, a series of 23 paintings draw poignantly and always unapologetically upon his upbringing and life in Erbil, Iraq. Against a perpetual backdrop of conflict, loss and unimaginable experiences, Nabaz reflects personal insights that explore the controlling facets of religion, politics and gender politics within the perpetuation of identity and regional/global conflict. ‘Destroyers’ and ‘History Repeats Itself’ are a series of photomontages, that build upon on his personal experiences to explore the global relationship and cyclical nature of historical/recent conflict through a series of uncomfortable yet instantly recognisable images. The photomontages act as an accessible and easily consumed medium. By blurring art and history they play out as a macabre ‘who’s who’ of noteworthy and influential figures within historical conflict, challenging the viewer to question their role as a potential vehicle for change or a passive observer of history repeating itself.



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